Program of HSM 2019

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Although later than it was expected, but finally the program of our HSM 2019 conference is already available on our new website!

However, before any words about the program, I have to call the attention for an essential thing.

Our “new look” should not have been possible without the work of László Barna,  and during especially at the first steps, without the great help of Attila Kovács,  IT at IEM HAS. However, besides them we have to be grateful for Zoltán Kristóf,  creator and maintainer of our old website, too.
Now it is time to take the opportunity and on behalf of the members of our society, I thank you for the work of all the three!

And now a bit about the program.

In line with our traditions and the goals of HSM, the order of topics from life sciences and material sciences is alternating, this way to support the maintenance of interest. Hopefully it also help us to notice those new technical possibilities, unconventional approaches which may help to find an answer for the problems, questions and technical problems raised in our own research topic.

As always, the program was created with the hope that all participants will find useful new knowledge, personal meeting between old and new members will provide inspiring conversations and it may also encourage the development of good relationships and collaborations.

See you in Siófok in a month from now!