Invitation to the Annual General Meeting

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The program of our annual conferences includes the Friday evening assembly. While the board of our society meets twice or three times a year, this meeting is the only one for the members of our society when they can add their comments on a topic they consider important as well as everybody can publicly ask questions to the board members, too.

Nowadays, when environmental protection and global warming are an unavoidable topic and everyone has to feel personal responsibility and try to save what can be saved,  when famous researchers avoid, if possible, traveling if their virtual presence is accepted for delivering their lecture at a conference or to take part in a meeting, likely we still afford this luxury. We suggest, just as it has been in practice in previous years, try to share the cars and who can, come by train.

On behalf of our board, I also ask all of our members to carefully read the agenda of the General Assembly, to consider whether they have any other comments important to all of us, and do not forget to share them with us at the General Assembly.

Especially due to our application for organizing the EMC 2024 conference to be held five years from now, it would be important for more people to participate in the General Assembly, and with their ideas, suggestions. Hopefully we will get enough volunteers for the preparation of our bid, and we can present a truly well-written, worthwhile application during the EMC Conference held in 2020 in Copenhagen.