Scanning electron microscopy images at the Museum in Natural History

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On June 18, 2019 the membesr of the HSM were invited to the opening ceremony of the exhibition entitled “Journey to the Micro World” at the Hungarian Museum of Natural History .

However, the magnificent, spectacular images produced by scanning electron microscopy – most of them received after-coloring at Eötvös Loránd University – are not only delightful but also teach us. The accurate, concise, but also interesting descriptions below the footage help us understand what we can see.

For regular visitors to the MMT conferences, it is obvious that Zoltán Kristóf was not accidentally asked to open this exhibition. And those who never heard him to talk about microscopy, or could see any of his micrographs, now could be convinced  about his love for microscopy and also his brilliant expertise, too.

Needless to say, the exhibition, like the photo competition for MMT conferences, could not have been established without the support of Dr. Miklós Soós and Auro-Science Kft.

The exhibition is open all summer and can be warmly recommended for children and adults alike!

A little reminder:

The name of the Hungarian Museum of Natural History is not the first time mentioned at our small society It is almost twenty years since this museum took over the heritage of Dr. Szabolcs Virágh.

Dr. Szabolcs Virágh, the predecessor of HSM, chairman of the Electron Microscope Section, was an outstanding scientist and eminent electron microscope expert. Electron Microscope Foundation is also his debtor, because his idea was to turn the profit of the financially successful EUREM 1984 to use as the financial base of the Foundation.