Katalin Solymosi is elected as YAE member

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Those who have only known about Academia Europae as an organization where the membership is an honor and one can be nominated irrespectively of the area of research, now have the opportunity to be familiar with the Young Academy of Europe, which was founded in 2012. Among the prerequisites of its membership are the professional excellence and active and effective participation in science.
Katalin Solymosi, who just was elected as the tenth Hungarian member and in this ten as the second female scientist, fulfills these criteria of the YAE.

Those who do not want to believe it, please, go to the YAE website for Kata’s name, or read the notice they received a few days ago.
YAE Admission letter Solymosi

We congratulate Kata on this remarkable success and in agreement with  the final sentence of the letter written by Arild Husby, chairman of the YAE Election Commission, we aslo expresses our hope that this membership will be beneficial to both Kata and the organization, and especially to other young researchers.

Congratulations and wish you all the best, Kata!

You can also read about it on the homepage of ELTE.