A successful woman

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The titles of articles can easily be misleading. Even in the case of scientific articles, it may happen that, based on the excerpts read with great anticipation, we expect more from the communication than we receive with  thorough reading and evaluation of the results. However, the article written about our Kati Balázsi in the magazine entitled “Sikeres Nők” (Successful Women) is correct.

I am convinced that Dr. Katalin Balázsi‘s doctoral dissertation submitting this year and her defense will further increase the number of her successes, and if we still have HSM, our society (HSM) also will have another academician within 10 years.

Kati works a lot, is full of ideas that she puts into practice, and there will always be people who will recognize her values and support her.
Perhaps beacsue they are also realise that,  it is not the growing number of articles written by her or about her, but her family means the real success for her, for which she works even harder if possible.