Kavli Prize for Professor Harald Rose!

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Last year profesor Harald Rose from the University of Ulm was our distinguished guest at our annual conference held in Siófok. He gave a briliant lecture, as a person who, besides his vast knowledge, also know precisely what fits their audience needs the best in the given situation. We all listened to his performance with pleasure. He enjoyed our company in the vine tasting evening and also he listened to the most of the lectures, too. Several speakers were honoured with his questions.

Now, after several honours and awards, along with 3 other distinguished fellow researchers, he won the Kavli Prize, too.


The 2020 Kavli Prize for  Nanoscience  has been awarded to four researchers for their contributions to nanoscopic imaging. Professor Harald Rose of Universität Ulm and Technical University of Darmstadt, Professor Maximilian Haider of CEOS GmbH, Professor Knut Urban of Forschungszentrum Jülich and Professor Ondrej L Krivanek of Nion Co. all share the $1 million prize for their contributions to the refinement of microscopy on the nanoscale that enabled researchers to observe individual atoms for the first time.