Csaba Cserép and Balázs Pósfai the winners of the EMS OPA Award in Life Sciences

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As all member of EMS may know, the “Outstanding Paper Award” is an annual award. You can apply for this award with publications in which the scientific value, technical and general quality of the microscopic work is outstanding.
The award is announced in the categories of Instrumentation and Technical Development, Materials Science and Life Sciences. Winners receive € 1,000, a blackboard and a diploma as well as possibility, to present their work at one of the European microscopical conferences of the year. Unfortunately, this year due to the pandemic, the every four years organized “emc”, the biggest event of the EMS, has to be postponed, and instead of the festive appearances in Copenhagen, the awards will be sent by post. However, nobody has to miss the performances, becasue they will be broadcasted online. This broadcasting will be very memorable for us, Hungarian microscopists, because the winners of the Life Science category are Csaba Cserép and Balázs Pósfai. We know both of them based on their excellent lectures delivered at our annual coferences, very well. Both have won the award of Hungarian Electronmicroscopical Foundation, and last year Balázs received the MCM poster award in Belgrade. They are real microscopic specialists who, despite their young age – Balázs Pósfai is still a PhD student – are proficient in the application of the latest microscopic techniques. And those who read their last year’s published award-winning Science article easily agree that there weren’t many chances of submitting too many articles last year that were similarly outstanding, using so state-of-the-art microscopic techniques to achieve similarly significant scientific results.