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Due to the epidemic situation, we will hold our event online on May 13, 2021, using the Zoom program. It will be quite different from our previous conferences, we will miss the personal meeting, but now we have only this opportunity to present and discuss the results of Hungarian microscopic research. Nor can we forget that many of the methods introduced last year have now become part of our lives, will not disappear once the epidemic is over – and some of them are not even objectionable.

In addition to the 15-20 minute lectures of our more experienced colleagues, we are still waiting for the applications of TDK and PhD students, and we are still announcing the Best Young Lecturer Award for them. The winner will be decided by the audience in the same way as before, only with the help of google voting. The conditions of the lecture are also unchanged, 5 minutes for the presentation of the work and 5 minutes for answering the questions received. As this has become familiar so far for many, questions can already be submitted during the presentation, too.In addition to the diploma, the winner has a max. € 250, you will receive a grant for a conference or summer school.

We are also announcing the Awards of the Hungarian Electron Microscopic Foundation for articles published online or in print in the field of materials and life sciences between 1 January 2019 and 31 December 2020. (The reason for the two-year interval is that it didn’t happen last year because of the missed conference.)

Based on the experience of our first, “experimental” online conference publication compiled from last year’s presentations, this year it will be possible to read and cite everyone’s work from the the abstract book, which is more beautiful than the first is!

Registration fees:

In addition to the company’s maintenance costs, there is also the cost of an online conference, and the registration fees contribute to these and to the Best Young Lecturer Award.

researchers, active workers:              HUF  20,000
students (TDK, PhD)                             HUF  10,000
retired                                                           free

Representatives of companies that pay the support fee for the society, are free to participate besides, the company logo will appear in both the program and the conference publication. For those paying a support fee of HUF 150,000 we ensure that the 1-2 minute promotion video of the company will also be screened during the break of the lectures, and those paying a grant of HUF 200,000 can also give a 20-minute presentation.

Application for the waiver of registration fee for TDK and PhD student 

In their application, TDK / PhD students should describe their research and highlight the importance of the results achieved. The winning applicants undertake to write an article about their research in the journal RESOLUTION and DISCOVERY.
The 4 winning applicants’ (2 from life and 2 from material sciences) registration fees will be waived.
One-page applications must be sent to Dr. Katalin Balázsi, indicating the applicant’s name, place of work and contact details, deadline is:
                                                                                                            March 15, 2021

You can register for the conference on OUR WEBSITE until March 31, 2021.

Please read carefully and follow the required formal requirements before uploading your abstracts.