Árpád Barna

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Dr. Árpád Barna, or “Árpi uncle” as he was called by many of us, in his 86th year, on the evening of September 24, 2021, died.
We mourn the Candidate of Physical Science, the Doctor of Engineering, and first of all, our role model.
Árpi and his colleagues started in-situ transmission electron microscopy in 1966, of which the hardware was implemented by him. In the TEM, up to two elements could be evaporated, particle growth
observe, Hall resistance measured. Later, he developed all the tools needed for TEM sample preparation. He created several types of ion guns and ion beam sample thinners, the complete sample preparation process and know-how, and became one of the authors of the Handbook of Microscopy.
He was a genius engineer, an excellent scientist, always a helpful and generous colleague, the young and we all learned a lot from him.
We don’t want to and cannot forget him we preserve his memory.

Béla Pécz
Director of MFA