Two-tailed spider and snapping beetle in an 85-million-year-old amber

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Kristóf Kovács has been a member of the HSM since its foundation, moreover, he had been the president of it for a long time. However, not too many of us thought that he had also worked with amber samples. And if he examined them, he has found interesting things, as Kata Solymosi read it in an article published on the ELTE website. She congratulated Kristóf on the unusual discoveries, and immediately shared the news with us, too.

The fact that someone uses a CT instead of a microscope for a special work, doesn’t make it less interesting for our society neither. It is always good for a microscopist to know and use other imaging procedures besides of microscopes!

After reading the short article, it turns out that not only Kristóf but also members of the younger generation of HSM were involved in the discovery of the two-tailed arachnid and the snapping beetle, previously unknown to science because lived quite a long time ago. A model of a small snapping beetle discovered in another examined inclusion was made on the basis of studies by Dr. Ákos Kukovecz and Dr. Imre Szenti (Department of Applied and Environmental Chemistry, University of Szeged) with microCT.

For those who are interested in more details, read the article, and for those who want to know what else can be found in an 85 million-year-old amber, ask Kristóf Kovács, Ákos Kukovecz, or Imre Szenti!