These awards are delivered at the annual conferences

Best Young Lecturer Award

Special Award


Dr Pál Röhlich

History of the Hungarian Electron Microscopy Foundation

It was Szabolcs Virágh who was able to save the profit of the profitable EUREM84 from the absorbing top organization “MTESZ”. The use of this amount for the purpose of Hungarian electron microscopy was first made possible following the change of the political regime in Hungary. Some Hungarian electron microscopists established the Hungarian Electron Microscopy Foundation (1991). The aim of the foundation is to promote the issue of electron microscopy, especially the recognition of the outstanding performance of young electron microscopy professionals in the form of an annual electron microscope award. The prize will be awarded in the spring of the year, and the applications received will be judged by the Board of Trustees (if necessary by the help of an external reviewer) and the award will be given at the annual event of the Hungarian Society for Microscopy Society in a solemn framework. The prize-winner will give a scientific presentation based on the work acknowledged by the award. The Foundation’s affairs are conducted by a Board of Trustees, consisting of 2-2 experts in the field of life and material sciences, chairman of the Hungarian Society for Microscopy and chairman of the board (in the latter order Szabolcs Virágh, Pál Röhlich, Dezső Szabó and Péter Barna).
The current chair of the board is Ágnes Kittel.


The list of Award winners of the Foundation is available on the HSM website under the AWARDS menu;
the annual financial report is available in Hungarian language on the website of the Hungarian Courts, Civil Organizations Publishing /under the name  “Magyar Elektronmikroszkópos Alapítvány”/  starting with the financial report of  2012. 

Applicants: members of the Hungarian Microscopic Society who have not received the Foundation’s prize in the last three years.

Requirement: Electron beam examinations have a decisive role in achieving the scientific results of the submitted project.

Hungarian Electron Microscopy Award
(in life sciences)

“Pócza Jenő” Award
(achievements in materials sciences)