Double success

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The János Bolyai Research Fellowship was established in 1997 at the initiative of the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to support post-doctoral researchers with a Ph.D. degree and has been awarded annually since 1998 by the Board of Trustees of the Bolyai Research Fellowship.
The scholarship period, which can be awarded for one, two, or three years, is subject to a final report, which is evaluated, and those who are rated “outstanding” or “good” can reapply.
Fellows graduating with an ‘outstanding’ professional rating will receive a Bolyai Commemorative Plaque, and the most outstanding, up to 14 researchers per year, will be awarded an MTA Bolyai Plaque.
Csaba Cserép, a senior researcher of the Neuroimmunology group at HUN-REN Institute of Experimental Medicine, received the Bolyai Plaque and the second János Bolyai Research Fellowship at the Bolyai Day of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on 19 September 2023. Csaba is not only a successful researcher at IEM, but also a board member of MMT, and in 2019 he won the EMS Outstanding Paper award for his shared first-authored Science paper, which is a really nice recognition of his microscopy knowledge and work.
We heartily congratulate him on this precious award and wish him successful work and outstanding results.