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Katalin Solymosi is the new president of YAE

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“At the annual general meeting of the Young Academy of Europe (YAE) on 9 October, Katalin Solymosi plant biologist, habilitated assistant professor at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), alumna and former co-chair of the Academy of Young Scientists (FKA), was elected president of the organization.” The article on the HAS’s website also reports that Kata who can always be counted on in… Teljes cikk »

Double success

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The János Bolyai Research Fellowship was established in 1997 at the initiative of the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to support post-doctoral researchers with a Ph.D. degree and has been awarded annually since 1998 by the Board of Trustees of the Bolyai Research Fellowship.The scholarship period, which can be awarded for one, two, or three years, is subject to a… Teljes cikk »

State Awards

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Two very well-known, respected and beloved members of our Society, Péter B. Barna and Kati Balázsi, were also awarded high state honours on the occasion of our national holiday. “In recognition of his outstanding professional work, he was awarded the Order of Merit of Hungary, the Order of Merit Commander’s Cross, civilian category: PÉTER BARNA, physicist, Doctor of the Hungarian… Teljes cikk »

Zoltán Kónya is the new member of Academia Europaea

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Academia comes in many shapes and sizes, and being an academic is usually an honor that more than a few people struggle to achieve. In the case of a national academy membership, the endeavor may even be successful, but to become a member of the Academia Europaea, which brings together European nations, it is not enough to get recommendations at… Teljes cikk »

Kristóf Kovács (1948-2023)

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Kristóf Kovács graduated as a chemical engineer in 1972 from the University of Chemical Industry in Veszprém and was employed by Pannon University and its predecessors until his retirement. In 1969 he was the organizer of the first University Days of Veszprém. In 1974 he received his doctorate and in 1994 his PhD in Chemistry, worked several times in the… Teljes cikk »

A Román Elektronmikroszkópos Társaság konferenciája

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Bogdan Vasile, a  Román Elektronmikroszkópos Társaság elnöke levelet küldött, melyben októberi konferenciájukra invitálja társaságunk tagjait. A helyszín a kincses Kolozsvár, a konferencia regisztrációs költsége 300€, és a helyszíntől öt percre lévő szállodában napi 100€ körüli a szállásköltség. Akit érdekel ez a lehetőség, Kolozsvárra is szívesen ellátogatna, kérem, olvassa el az alábbiakat, jelentkezzen a konferenciára, és részvételével vigye jó hírét a… Teljes cikk »


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Change is a sign of life, and that’s true for societies too. Even without any extra effort, there were more conference participants than ever before, our auditorium was not the usual one, and the structure of the programme was a little different. The company presentations were not in a separate session and our general assembly was part of the Friday… Teljes cikk »

Academic Award for Péter Németh

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At the award ceremony held on May 8, 2023, in the framework of the 196th Ceremonial General Assembly of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Péter Németh, Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of the Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and long-time member of the Hungarian Society for Microscopy, was… Teljes cikk »

Inaugural lecture of Béla Pécz at the HAS

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Béla Pécz, a long-standing active member of HSM, and president between 2010 and 2018 gave his inaugural lecture on 25 January 2023 in the Great Hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and received the honorary diploma of the Academy’s Corresponding Member. There were only a few seats left in the Great Hall, and it was hard to tell from… Teljes cikk »

József Eötvös wreath for István Dódony

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István Dódony is known to everyone who regularly attends our annual conference. He is friendly, direct, and helpful and his distinctive voice is easy to recognize. He often comments on the presentations. From these comments, even those who are not familiar with the subject in question can easily recognize that he is thoroughly familiar with the subject, both theoretically and… Teljes cikk »