Kristóf Kovács (1948-2023)

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Kristóf Kovács graduated as a chemical engineer in 1972 from the University of Chemical Industry in Veszprém and was employed by Pannon University and its predecessors until his retirement. In 1969 he was the organizer of the first University Days of Veszprém. In 1974 he received his doctorate and in 1994 his PhD in Chemistry, worked several times in the United States of America and Germany, and in 1995 he was appointed Associate Professor. After his retirement, he is still active in teaching and research and development. He is an internationally recognized expert in imaging techniques (microscopy, electron microscopy, computed tomography, computer image processing), with a focus on the relationships between the structure and properties of engineering ceramics, the recovery of glass and electronic waste, and the development of functional material systems for alternative energy sources. ”
In the spring of this year, this text served to introduce Kristóf Kovács when he received the Pro Urbe medal of the city of Veszprém.

We, the members of the Hungarian Microscopy Society (HSM), know much more about Kristóf, who succeeded Professor Pál Röhlich as President of the then Hungarian Electron Microscopy Society between 1994 and 2002.
In addition to being the organizer of the annual national conferences in Almadi, he was one of the initiators of the Multinational Congress on Microscopy (MCM), a biennial conference series that brings together nine countries from 2015 and promotes collaborations. He was also the chairman of the fourth MCM event, held in Veszprém in 1999.
This alone should be enough for us, members of HSM, to remember him with respect and appreciation, even though we have not mentioned his professional recognition, his being one of the favorite speakers at Pannon University, he held excellent popular science lectures, his company (SPI) sponsored even this year our conference.

However, most of us will remember not these things, but the ever-energetic, active, helpful, warm-hearted friend who loved us – and we loved him.