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As the epidemic appeared to be taming, with vaccination rates, at least in most countries in Europe, now close to safe levels, travel to conferences was also picking up.

In addition to and before the 16MCM in Brno, an international conference for electron microscopists with excellent invited speakers will be held in Belgrade at the end of August, to which applicants, especially young researchers, are also welcome. The low registration fee and affordable accommodation are also among the attractions of the offer.

Here is the official invitation!

“Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, are inviting you to the
2nd International Conference “Electron Microscopy of Nanostructures “ELMINA2022, which will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, August 22nd – 26th, 2022.
Plenary presentations at ELMINA2022 Conference will by invitation only, while other participants are encouraged to send abstracts for either oral or poster presentations. The scope of ELMINA2022 will be on electron microscopy methods applied to nanoscience and nanotechnology (physics, chemistry, physical metallurgy, materials science, earth and life sciences)

Confirmed plenary speakers so far:
Jordi Arbiol, Gerhard Dehm, Peter Denes, Rafal Dunin-Borkowski, Rolf Erni, Paulo Ferreira, Hamish Fraser, Colin Humphreys, Yuichi Ikuhara, Wolfgang Jäger, Thomas Kelly, Gerald Kothleitner, Laurence Marks, Joachim Mayer, Jan Neethling, Peter Nellist, Eva Olsson, Jürgen Plitzko, Quentin Ramasse, Robert Sinclair Erdmann Spiecker, Sašo Šturm, Kazu Suenaga, Maria Varela

For more information please visit http://elmina.tmf.bg.ac.rs.”