Discovery of a new algae species

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Learning about the world is unthinkable without discovery. Of course, there is a difference in the importance of discovery, but there is no difference in the fact that every discovery is a good reason for happiness.
That was the feeling of those working in different jobs, but now together for a common purpose, who discovered a species of green algae hitherto unknown to science in the temporary Kőhegyi pond in Szentendre.
The new species, which belongs to the genus Chlorococcum, is called Chlorococcum szentendrense after the place where it was found, and is still relatively large, as its cells can be observed in the form of tiny green spheres under a light microscope. This is of course not sufficient for a detailed and accurate morphological and structural characterisation. The stratification of the cell wall pattern, the nm variations in its thickness, the internal structure of the green pigment body, presence or absence of whiskers, require transmission electron microscopy. These analyses were carried out by Katalin Solymosi with her usual thoroughness and quality.

Congratulations to all the researchers involved in this work!