Inaugural lecture of Béla Pécz at the HAS

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Béla Pécz, a long-standing active member of HSM, and president between 2010 and 2018 gave his inaugural lecture on 25 January 2023 in the Great Hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and received the honorary diploma of the Academy’s Corresponding Member.
There were only a few seats left in the Great Hall, and it was hard to tell from looking at the audience members what they were really interested in from Béla’s work, whether it was the challenges of growing broad forbidden band semiconductors, novel two-dimensional (2D) nitrides, and their heterostructure, or whether it was, how “reducing the number of dislocations due to lattice inhomogeneity contributed to increasing the lifetime of the European blue laser diode”, or an equally important result “reducing the elevated temperature during operation of high-power GaN devices”.
The lecture was excellently structured, well-paced, and delivered in a style that kept even non-experts interested. Even members of the audience used to synapses could understand why their electron microscopes with spherical correction are used so enthusiastically and proudly by their colleagues interested in materials science.

Congratulations on the fine results and the academic title you have achieved, safe in the knowledge that Béla will continue to be found regularly in front of his favorite electron microscope, unraveling new mysteries.