2021 “Mary Fortune Diversity Medal” for Katalin Balázsi

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The beautiful long title is the name of the award won by our Katalin Balázsi. And since Tamás Szabolics put it so nicely in the news on the ELRN Energy Science Research Center, I quote him:

“One of the most prestigious professional journals, the management of Acta Materialia, awarded Katalin Balázsi, Head of the Laboratory of Thin Film Physics at the ELRN EC Institute of Technical Physics and Materials Science, the 2021 “Mary Fortune Diversity Medal” for supporting women researchers at the STEM sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics), thus supporting them in making the courage to choose a profession related to these sciences.
The award consists of a diploma, a silver plaque and a $ 5,000 honorarium.” 

On behalf of MMT, we warmly congratulate Kati and wish her further success in her consciencious work for others!