Afterlife of a cancelled conference

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According to an old Jeol poster, “Microscopists are beautiful people“. Naturally, we agree with that, but we add, they are not only beautiful but ingenious, too.

This year, unfortunately, we had to cancel the Siófok conference, and in the autumn we couldn’t organize that highly expected one-and-a-half-day event either, but the epidemic could not stop everything!
True, compared to previous years, very few people submitted their abstratcs, because the submission deadline almost coincided with the national introduction of quarantine rules, but no worries! Those who have done so, even those who, despite our rule of many years have not attached a microscopic image to their text, can see their work in the HSM’s first conference publication on the website!

We are grateful to Laci Barna  (KOKI) for the implementation, and we owe a big thank you to Kata Solymosi (ELTE) sacrificed a lot of timeto beautify the already compiled material. (Next year the formal conditions will be taken more strictly!)

Why did we insist on the publication of our little abstract book, no matter how short is it? Because there is always something special in being first, and this publication gave us the opportuntity to greet a person exceptional for us.

Dr. Dezső Szabó, one of the founders of our society, was 95 years old this summer.
We couldn’t celebrate this “live”, but this little on-line publication still indicates, we haven’t forgotten about him and this very exceptional anniversary.