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ISN webinar series

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Ifat Kaplan-Ashiri (WIS), Lothar Houben (WIS), Tali Dadosh (WIS) and Natalie Elia (BGU)The scientific committee representatives of ISM are glad to inform you that the Microscopical Society of Canada, the Royal Microscopical Society (UK) and the Israel Society for Microscopy initiated with the support of the International Federation of Societies for Microscopy (IFSM) an international networking platform for expanding knowledge,… Teljes cikk »

HSM FALL conference November 11-12, 2021

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Hoping that the epidemic situation allows it and an in-person meeting will have a positive impact not only on the participants but also on every HSM member who decides to listen to the lectures on Youtube, a small conference was organized by Béla Pécz and Zoltán Kristóf at our usual conference venue, in the Siófok Panorama Hotel. László Barna was… Teljes cikk »

Árpád Barna

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Dr. Árpád Barna, or “Árpi uncle” as he was called by many of us, in his 86th year, on the evening of September 24, 2021, died. We mourn the Candidate of Physical Science, the Doctor of Engineering, and first of all, our role model. Árpi and his colleagues started in-situ transmission electron microscopy in 1966, of which the hardware was… Teljes cikk »

MC2021, Bécsből

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A szuperrezolúciós (szuperfeloldású/felbontású) mikroszkópia megvalósítói, Stefan Hell, Eric Betzig és William E. Moerner számára odaítélt kémiai Nobel-díj 2014-ben, és az ultrakrió-elektronmikroszkópia kidolgozói, Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank és Richard Henderson 2017-es Nobel-díja egyaránt arra utal, a molekuláris biológia és genetika mellett a mikroszkópia is virágkorát éli. Ezt mutatja a már több évtizedes múlttal rendelkező nagy mikroszkópos konferenciák mellett gombamódra szaporodó, mikroszkópos… Teljes cikk »

Béla Pécz interview on the homepage of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

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In an interview published on the website of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Béla Pécz, director of the Technical Physics and Materials Science Research Institute (and previous president of HSM) gives a very elegant and simple description of the reason for the spherical aberration and explains the significance of its correction.The article is also definitely worth a look at because… Teljes cikk »

Mihály Pósfai was elected as a member of the Academia Europaea

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Mihály Pósfai, the member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, even more importantly, our dear friend and old member of the HSM, has become the member of the Academia Europaea. The membership of this pan-European academic institution can only be achieved by invitation and means a high appreciation of the new member’s scientific achievements.The honor also radiates a bit for… Teljes cikk »

Six reasons to launch a Young Academy

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In the last few years, we could read several times about the situation of young researchers, which, despite the increasing number of grants and job opportunities open to them, is not enviable. To achieve an improved situation, besides the intention and work of senior executives, the efforts of young researchers are demanded, too. One of the main reasons for the… Teljes cikk »

Dr. Erzsébet Mihalik (1949-2021)

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We became one less. Dr. Erzsébet Mihalik, one of the first members of the Society and its board member for several cycles, retired associate professor of the Department of Plant Biology of SZTE, head of the former Department of Botany (1996-2007), and former director of the Botanical Garden of SZTE (1996-2013), has passed. She participated in our last conference held… Teljes cikk »

MSC21 and EMK 21 online

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 ‘’1st International Microscopy and Spectroscopy Congress-MSC21’’ and  ‘’25th National Electron Microscopy Congress-EMK 21’’ will be organized under the auspices of Turkish Society for Electron Microscopy (TEMD) in September 22-24, 2021, as Online Congresses. The congress will be open to all microscopy related research and technical developments in the fields of life sciences and materials sciences. The scientific program of the congress will include… Teljes cikk »