A successful woman

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The titles of articles can easily be misleading. Even in the case of scientific articles, it may happen that, based on the excerpts read with great anticipation, we expect more from the communication than we receive with  thorough reading and evaluation of the results. However, the article written about our Kati Balázsi in the magazine entitled “Sikeres Nők” (Successful Women)… Teljes cikk »

Innovation Award 2019 for Femtonics Ltd.

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The Hungarian Association for Innovation founded the Innovation Grand Prize in 1993 to recognize domestic companies that achieved outstanding, profitable results in the preceding year. The Association’s committee, chaired by the president of the National Research, Development, and Innovation Office (NKFIH), selected the recipient of the 2019 Innovation Grand Prize from among 46 applicants, and awarded a further seven prizes…. Teljes cikk »

During epidemics: Antiseptic nano-silver particles in aberration-corrected electron microscope

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Since now everybody may learn from the work of our colleagues Béla Pécz and György Zoltán Radnóczi that there is a Hungarian disinfectant product called Nanosept, which contains silver nanoparticles. In Hungary this product is  used for disinceting buses and shopping center premises. As citizens of the state and especially of Budapest, we are happy about this, but as blood… Teljes cikk »

2019 Innovation Grand Prix for 3DHISTECH

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The 2019 Hungarian Innovation Grand Prix was won by 3DHISTECH as the appreciation of their work with the development, production, successful sale on the international and domestic market and financial result of the PANNORAMIC medical diagnostic instrument family. This medical-pathological diagnostic instrument will be delivered not only to domestic hospitals, but also to Western European countries, and from 2019 to… Teljes cikk »

PÁLYÁZATI LEHETŐSÉG Élenjáró mikroszkópos és vizsgálati megoldások 

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Az OLYMPUS/Unicam pályázatot hirdet az  Élenjáró Mikroszkópos és Vizsgálati Megoldások* előadássorozatra jelentkezők között. PÁLYÁZATI  FELTÉTELEK Pályázni az előadássorozat bármelyik előadásáról írt 350-500 szavas esszével, összefoglalóval-ismertetővel lehet. A jeligés pályázatokat a pályázatok számától függően összeállított független zsűri olvassa és bírálja majd el. Az első három helyezett egy-egy Olympus terméket, a nyertes egy PEN típusú fényképezőgépet kap. Az eredményről a helyezettek  értesítést kapnak, előzetes egyeztetés  után nyereményüket vagy elküldik számukra, vagy személyesen… Teljes cikk »


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The scope of ELMINA2020 will be focused on electron microscopy methods applied to nanoscience and nanotechnology (physics, chemistry, materials science, earth and life sciences). It will highlight recent progress in instrumentation, imaging and data analysis, large data set handling, as well as time and environment dependent processes.  The scientific program contains the following topics: Instrumentation and New Methods Diffraction and Crystallography HRTEM… Teljes cikk »

Cancellation of HSM2020

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the uncertainty surrounding the situation, HSM board finally decided to cancel  this year’s conference which was planned between May 21-23, 2020 in Siófok. Thank you very much to all the applicants for honoring us with your trust and we are very sorry that we will not be able to meet you this May. Of… Teljes cikk »

Honor of János Lábár

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This spring is not only about trouble it has brought good, too. Dr. János Lábár, the President of the Scientific Council at MFA, his workplace, a colleague of ours and whose very lucid, well-presented lectures we could  enjoyed at several HSM conferences, received a high state award on 15th of March this year. Wikipedia also explains the reasoning behind the… Teljes cikk »

Katalin Solymosi is elected as YAE member

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Those who have only known about Academia Europae as an organization where the membership is an honor and one can be nominated irrespectively of the area of research, now have the opportunity to be familiar with the Young Academy of Europe, which was founded in 2012. Among the prerequisites of its membership are the professional excellence and active and effective… Teljes cikk »

Our new Dennis Gabor awardees

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On December 17, 2019, for the 31st time, the Gábor Dénes Prize, established by the NOVOFER Foundation, was presented. Our litle web site reported about the previous event in 2018, because then our two fellow members  received this high recognition. Now Csaba Balázsi received the Gábor Dénes Prize, and Dezső Szigethy received the Gábor Dénes Life Achievement Award. Excerpts from… Teljes cikk »